Ceriinan Yatzy DW Int & Fin & Est & Lv & Ltu Mva LtuW-02 LVW-03 EstW-03
Reg no: reg. 35953/2000 HD:A, Eye:OK,
Owner: Auli & Juuso Vitikainen
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Jassu is big & handsome with very feminine head. She is full of energy and loves to chase moles on our yard. Talking about the origin of a Pinscher....Jassu has had her eys tested five times as she is mother to a Dogiwogin D-litter sired by famous "Rubens". Jassu`s second litter was sired by Swedish import Lilla Eneby`s Victory for Ceriinan and that is Ceriinan H-DW litter. Her third and last litter year 2006 was historical - it was the first ever made doublemating in GP`s in Finland. There was two different sires in that litter, Aron Arming Harmony Star sired DW H-puppies and Ceriinan Gilbert DW G-puppies. The litter is of course officially DNA-tested. Jassu was showed very young and she finished her International CH title under 3-years of age and gained 5 CACIB from 5 countries. She attented one European Winner Show 2003 and was placed 3rd in Champion class - best black & tan by the way! She was also the best black & tan female in Finland 2003 so it was easy to retire at home - nowadays she goes for a show maybe once a year. Jassu had her temperament test passed august 2005 with excellent result 140 points. Von Willebrand tested : negative N/N
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