Ceriinan Oona EUWV-06 Int & Fin & Rus & Est & Lv Ch BaltWinner-03
Reg no: born 17.01.1997- HD:C, vWd:N/N
Owner: Auli & Juuso

Oona is our Red Devil, as younger she really got us nuts as she always had some trick or treat on her mind ! She is so clever ! There is no gate or door that could hold her if she wants to go wandering around. Luckily she loves her home and never goes far away. Now as a Veteran, she is such a lovely lady ! Still very sportive & athletic but spends now more time on our living room sofa than wondering in the woods. Oona has been the Veteran of the year 2005 , same year than she was BOB & BIS3-veteran in Specialty and reserve winner female ! Next year she took BOB-veteran and European Veteran Winner Title from European Winner Show - BOS was Ceriinan DW Rubens. Oona also surprised us all giving birth to 4 lovely red babies in the age of 8,5 years- as we all thought she would be sterile after her first litter. She also had her eyes tested clear just before turning 9-year old. Sire to these babies is EUW-06 Int Ch Aron Arming Harmony Star, so the puppies are worth of gold when considering breeding.
Sire: -
Dam: -
Dogiwogin Fiamme
Dogiwogin Fire C.I.B & LV & FI & NO Ch FINNSG