WW and other int news

14.09.2019 - my swedish import Beebronx Dome Dogiwogi is now also Swedish Champion. This red boy has done superb at shows during these two years in Finland. He won Junior World Winner title at Amsterdam and got also NL Jch. During these 2 years he finished over 10 titles and chmapionships. At Amsterdam my dunker Odin went also GROUP3 - that is something special! He got titles WW-18 BeneluxW-18. I also got great news from Australia! Dogiwogin Raksu`s puppies out of Mult Ch SM Inspiration for Dogiwogin have got AUSTRALIAN Champion titles! Congrats to German Pinschers Piratepoint Helmi-Aarre (female) and Piratepoint Kulta-Aarre (male) ! And Raksu`s last singleton puppy Harley went BOB puppy. Their late breeder Mrs Dunn is probably smiling up there.