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Great Dane pages:
Danes Acasdea & Castalia

Great Dane Ludo, Sweety, Elmo & Bono

Blue Great Dane "Hermanni"

Local Great Dane Club

WYSIWYG kennel, black & blue Great Danes, USA

CH Abragabra`s Fantastic Phenom

Family Valtonen and Danes

kennel Hoppinghams, Staffies & Danes

THAIDAX kennel Danes & Thai`s, Sweden

SARDI kennel, USA - Great Danes

kennel LIBERTE Danes, Germany

GRAND FAWN`S kennel, Sweden

kennel GALANTHUS, Norge

kennel DIPLOMATIC`s , Sweden

blue & black, kennel BONEL, Finland

Dane Ilona and Pinscher Macy - great PHOTOS

NOTANGA kennel, Lithuania

database for Great Danes, Swedish.

FAINOMENON kennel, Ireland

Facts and articles:
Finnzymes, DNA-testing & registering

Official site for importing & exporting pets, FINLAND

Article of Finnish Great Dane Club Specialty 2003

German Pinscher pages:
Pinscher breeder, HARMONY STAR, Cz

CERIINAN pinscher kennel, our friend Anja


Hotbobbers kennel

kennel BRIATZA, minpins & German pinscher-Ricky

Pinscher Sara & friends

Windamir pinschers, USA - Jassu`s brother living there

Ari & Seija`s pinscher pages

German Pinscher Dogiwogin Fiamme, också på SVENSKA

German Pinscher DW Carkki & Yespinyes kennel

Ceriinan Gilberd, sire for G-puppies

Lilla Eneby`s kennel, Sweden

Dark Angel`s kennel, Germany

kennel Black Bohemia, tax & German Pinschers

Lithuanian Pinschers

Hardly Dangerous kennel, Pinschers

DANEAMOR kennel, Collie, Dane & German Pinscher

Dog related pages:
Kennel Yacanto, UK

Cani-Cross - dog sport

blogs by breedings:
German Pinscher DW Kaneli

GP DW Buffy`s blog

German Pinscher DW Lervolet blog