German Pinscher 

Ceriinan Indira and Ceriinan Oona

After a while I thought that I should have another breed beside GD:s. After exploring breeds and after long and serious studying I fell in love in German Pinschers - not least because they are in same FCI-group with Danes - but the balance they give for Great Danes. My first German Pinscher was Multi CH Ceriinan Frodo - who seemed to think that he was a red Great Dane...

My German Pinschers are importen all over the world but many of them are purchased from Ceriinan kennel. My breeding is mainly based to these old and respected lines and I have co-operation and sometimes even co-breeding (using Ceriinan prefix with code DW) with Mrs Anja Nikkonen. First co-operation litter was born here in Mikkeli, Ceriinan N-litter, where CH Ceriinan Noel (stayed at kennel Adel in USA) and Ceriinan Neville (stayed at kennel Lakai, USA) did nice winnings in USA and INT CH Ceriinan Nicola here in Europe. Please take a look at Ceriinan kennels homepage, there is lot of information about GP`s ! You find the URL from links.

My first red boy "Frodo" did lot of winning- his tittles INT & FIN & SWE & BALT & EST & LV & LTU CH ESTW94 ESTW97 LTUW98 makes it no wonder that he was the Pinscher of the year 1996 and he also had CAC:s from Germany, France and Greece. His show career carried on even in Veteran classes, he was the Pinscher Veteran of the Year 2000 - same year when his son Rubens gained TOP points and won the Pinscher of the Year competition ! As you can quess, his son Ceriinan DW Rubens has followed his fathers pawprints - 2,5 years old he had already gained titles INT CH,FIN CH, SWE CH, DK CH, EST CH, LTU CH, LTUW2000, ESTW2000 and FinSG - and before his veteran ages he gained World Winner, European Winner and German Champion titles among others ! He also had the highest BIS-placement as a natural GP (no docked or cropped)- in Finland and Sweden. A true winner with Top temperament - and even he was living with two Dane males ! This proves that a true German Pinscher has very nice temperament and it gets well along with other breeds. We have been extremely pleased for our Pinschers, what a lovely breed !

Well-trained Pinscher from a good genetic background can be an excellent pet in a home where the humans are knowledgeable and well prepared. Even at dog shows where Pinschers are not so often seen, a really excellent specimen will attract the attention of viewers -eventhough they usually ask "What breed is this ?".

When talking about the family pet or a potential showdog - it is important to mention not only the good looks but the TEMPERAMENT and health ! German Pinschers are considered very healthy dogs, but they must have a stedy temperament, too. I usually have 3-5 GP`s at home and they make excellent family pets. Any aggressive, shy or nervous act is very incorrect. I also put lot of effort to develope better GP - not only because of my own progeny but also to contribute whole breed. My kennel was the FIRST in Finland (and actually in WORLD as far as I know) to use double mating with DNA testing to widen genetical backround of GP:s. I have also been very active when starting GP`s HC-genetesting program. Health problems are rare, but no dog with serious fault should be used for breeding. My breeding program consists lots of love & affection - and also testing our breedig stock : Hips, hearts and especially eyes. If used in breeding, the official eye-test must not be older than 8 months. All our import and export stock is automatically thyroid and von Willebrand tested though these are extremely rare conditions in Finland. We do DD-dilute color genetest upon request and from time to time we do DNA profiling in some litters (for ex. I and H litters).