Thai Ridgeback Dog - Mah Thai Lang Ahn - the Royal dog of Thailand

Thai Ridgeback Dog (TRD): The first Thai Ridgeback dog litter in Finland was born in our kennel january 2001. There was four blue females in the litter. Sire was Multi Ch Multi W Thaidax Andante and dam CH Worldwide Topless. Both parents were blue and the litter was excellent. The first Finnish born champions nowadays. Not a bad basic for the future TRD-breedingbut the hunting instinct is a problem to us.

There is not many TRDs in Finland. We have imported two females from Sweden and Denmark but unluckily one of them was killed by train accidend while hunting a deer and the another was not healthy enough for breeding purpose. The breed has strong hunting instincts and it must be considered by the new puppy owner. We would like to preffer that the new owner has some experience with dogs before purchasing a TRD-puppy. They can be quite a handfull. This is a proud breed - it really seems that they have royal blood in their veins. The breed is very rare outside Thailand.

Our breeding program is now in "freeze" - we have three lovely females in co-ownership - but we haven`t found suitable males yet. It seems that the breed will continue by new breeders who base their work to our puppies, for instance Anna Veteli kennel Jay Dee has produced locely puppies out of blue female Dogiwogin Aktuelli. If you have lovely blue male, please contact us ;) you never know what happens...