GP puppies
06.06.2021 - At last they arrived, our German Pinscher puppies out of Black Kissers Formadibly Fabulous x Dogiwogin Esperanza.... more
Dunker puppies
31.08.2020 - 1st Dunker puppies in Finland. OMG I´m so happy to have Norwegian hound pups out of Odin and Saga! Most of them... more
TOP GP of the year
24.04.2020 - Dogiwogin Shiny Shade of Magic won TOP Pinscher of the year 2019 competition. Best female was his sister DW My... more
German Pinscher news
16.09.2019 - 2017 German Pinscher Dogiwogin Yenina to Lilla Enebys was exported to Sweden and now she was visiting in Finland... more
Great Dane news.
15.09.2019 - How many times I have tried to get AI puppies....too many. After many many many many difficulties - I finally managed... more
WW and other int news
14.09.2019 - my swedish import Beebronx Dome Dogiwogi is now also Swedish Champion. This red boy has done superb at shows during... more
WW and EUW
20.06.2019 - This year World Winner show was held in China and European Winner Show in Austria- and we got titles from both... more
Winner weekend
20.12.2017 - BIS4 Nordic breed, Group3 in Nordic Winner Show and Finnish Winner Show - dunker Sivesindhogdas D Odin! Now over... more
WW-17 EUW-17 GW17 UA CH
30.11.2017 - World Winner, European Winner, German Winner UA CH and German CH....dunker Odin! World Veteran Winner and World... more
14.05.2017 - at her first show (nat Specialty) in Finland 2017, our Great Dane harlie puppy Vintage Hoppingham Royal Allure... more
Australia export
25.02.2017 - Raksu was exported to Australia. I must say that it is more than hard to get German Pinscher female exported to... more
Champion of Champions
10.01.2017 - CoC- dunker Odin got invited to Champion of Champion gala! TOP DOG of the Year competiton ended and Odin was number... more
04.09.2016 - Great Dane Dogiwogin Isabella Rossellini was BOB, BOB-Junior, new EE J cH, Best In Show junior and group 4 at Estonia... more
European Winner
25.08.2016 - At Bryssel European Winner Show - BOB Sivesindhogdas D Odin! This youngster was last year European and world junior... more
12.08.2016 - WW-16 and new Rus Ch. Our trip to Moscow WWDS was nice and Odin took 2 x BOB and World Winner title. Also King... more
02.07.2016 - At Rantasalmi all breed show we took BOB & BOS at German Pinschers. BOB was russian born Legendorf Umberto Ugo,... more
Import to Finland
23.01.2016 - Imported to Finland Rus Jch Legendorf Umberto Ugo, black & tan German Pinscher male from Lilla Eneby`s kennel,... more
Export to Sweden
08.01.2016 - Expported to Sweden German Pinscher Dogiwogin Liebushka ! Good luck with her Pia!
Lithuania, Vilna 2 x INT show
20.12.2015 - CIB & new Baltic & Ltu CH Dogiwogin Kismet!!! BOS both days, this incredible 8,5 year old German Pinscher female... more
06.12.2015 - Winner 2015 International show in Helsinki and we have new winners!!! Dunker Odin GROUP3 and new Junior Winner... more
Finnish Hound news
15.11.2015 - Finnish Hound news! My 10-year old Hunting Champion Rauhasalmen Reija was second at field trial and is now on her... more
From Russia-with love!
15.09.2015 - German Pinscher imports from Russia, Sanny Monkey Inspiration for Dogiwogin and SM Illyria Invinsible - from Russia-with... more
European Junior Winner 2015 at OSLO
10.09.2015 - Dunker Odin - EUJW-15 at Oslo, Norway!!!!
Winners, Champions, JWW-15
25.08.2015 - Summer and show season is nearly over. OMG what a summer! Our kennel finished many Champion & Winner titles including... more
Kajaani International show
12.01.2015 - BOB-junior, BOS & CAC - junior male Dogiwogin Xristo! Nice red Pinscher boy!
Norwegian Winner 2014
14.11.2014 - Norwegian Winner 2014 & BOB is DOGIWOGIN TIME OUT. Oslo International Show was held in Lilleström.
BRNO European Winner Show
26.10.2014 - Brno EURO dog show. German PInscher Dogiwogin Time Out CAC RES.CACIB. Also CAC from next day National Show. Finnsih... more
News from Estonia
08.09.2014 - Tallinna International Shows 23-24.8.2014. BOB in both days was Finnish Hound Rauhasalmen Iisakki and German PInscher... more
BOB x 2
16.08.2014 - BOB in Valkeakoski all breed show: Ch Ceriinan Thiara. BOS & BOB-veteran Multi CH Dogiwogin Don Quichotte. FIN... more
World Winner Show
08.08.2014 - BOB Brace at German PInschers at Helsinki World Winner Show! My Ruu & Thiara.
new JUN CH
27.07.2014 - LV Junior Champion is now German Pinscher Dogiwogin Taateli (saturday junior winner and on sunday BOS). Young male... more
19.07.2014 - BOB, BOS, BOB-breeder, BOB-veteran, BOS-veteran and both CAC`s. What a GERMAN PINSCHER Day for Dogiwogin Pinschers.... more
Oulu International
13.07.2014 - 2 x CACIB, BOB-veteran, BOB-puppy and Best Male for my Pinschers at Oulu INternational Show. BOB-puppy Dogiwogin... more
BOB-juniors in International Estonian show
05.07.2014 - BOB-junior in Pärnu International Dog Show in Estonia: black Great Dane girlie WYSIWYG Tahti V Dogiwogin. Co-kennel... more
BOB, BOB-veteran
30.06.2014 - BOB & BOB-veteran today at Forssa all-breed show - Multi CH Dogiwogin Don Quichotte.
BOB in Rovaniemi Int
22.06.2014 - Int & Nord CH Dogiwogin Glamour, German PInscher veteran BOB & BOB-veteran in Rovaniemi International Show.
BOB, BOB breeder, BOB veteran
15.06.2014 - 2xCACIB, BOB, BOB breeders class. German PInscher judge was Hans V d Berg, Netherlands. Our boy turned 15 months... more
BOB puppy
07.06.2014 - Dogiwogin Xsani, BOB-puppy in German PInschers at Mänttä all-breed show!
Estonian WINNER show
01.06.2014 - Estonian Winner Show at Tallinn. All our 3 dogs got great results! Finnish Hound Rauhasalmen Iisakki is now also... more
GROUP2 and GROUP4 , 3 x BOB
23.05.2014 - Group winning juniors! Our young German PInscher male Dogiwogin Time Out took CAC,BOB and GROUP4. Finnish Hound... more
Joensuu International
17.05.2014 - BOB & BOS German PInschers. At Joensuu International show, Ceriinan Thiara got CAC & CACIB. Next day all-breed... more
01.04.2014 - New WINNERS!!! Latvian Winner -2014 show weekend was not only well organized but also GREAT success to Dogiwogin... more
BOB, new CIB
28.02.2014 - Dogiwogin over 10-year old German PInscher veterans are going strong! Our dogs live long and keep up their appearance...BOB... more
Estonia INT show
08.02.2014 - BOS CACIB CAC and Tallinn Winter Cup -2014 Winner is my black & tan girl Ceriinan Thiara! Junior Excellent for... more
New C.I.B , BOB, BOS in Tartto, Estonia
03.11.2013 - New C.I.B in German Pinschers! 2 x International show in Tarto, Estonia - and results are 2 X BOB, 1 x BOS 3 x... more
25.10.2013 - I became back to Finland from USA National Specialty - and took a nice homecoming gift with me! Black Great Dane... more
21.09.2013 - BOB in German Pinschers, as well in Sweden and in Finland. For instance in Sweden CIB & FI & SE & LV & EE Ch Dogiwogin... more
Junior Class winner DANE
01.09.2013 - Black Great Dane girl Dogiwogin Happy Violet won junior class with EXCellent 1 CQ and she was placed in best bitch... more
BOB & BOS In Tallinn Estonia, new CIB
18.08.2013 - BOB in Tallinn International Show - German PInscher FI & EE & RUS CH Dogiwogin Harmonia was BOS & BOB with CACIBs... more
BOB in Piteå Int Sweden
19.07.2013 - BOB in Piteå Int. Show Sweden. C.I.B Dogiwogin Ft Jaquealah is now also Swedish Champion. This black Dane line... more
BOB in ST Petersburg
03.07.2013 - BOB, cacib, RKF-Champion - German PInscher Fi Ch Dogiwogin Nasla, who was out whelping box and took BOB in Russia,... more
Hamina International Show
11.05.2013 - New FI CH is Dogiwogin Snowman, a harlequin male. BOB-puppy black Great Dane 8 months, Dogiwogin High Speed Black... more
International dogshow Vaasa
14.04.2013 - BOB & CACIB Black Great Dane Ch Dogiwogin Ft Jatoria in Vaasa International Show. Her daughter Dogiwogin Happy... more
BOB-veteran in Lappeenranta
01.04.2013 - BOB-vet in Lappeenranta Show, also Best Male 2, Multi CH DW Don Quichotte. Ou Cz import girlie Funny for DW Harmony... more
03.03.2013 - VETERAN of the YEAR is Multi CH Dogiwogin Don Quichotte! This Pinscher made history, he had 8 BIS- and group placements... more
13.01.2013 - BOB in Kajaani International show was our German Pinscher Harry (Ch Lilla Enebys Harry)- his son was res. cacib,... more
Yum Yasmin
20.12.2012 - I visited in Sweden Winner Show and took home Pinscher Lilla Enebys Yum Yasmin. Taking good care of her, Thanks... more
Helsinki WINNER shows
09.12.2012 - WINNER show in Helsinki! I´m proud to tell you that Pinscher Multi CH Multi W Dogiwogin Don Quichotte took Veteran... more
3 new champions
16.11.2012 - This month has been fine, Great Dane CIB Norwegian, Finnish & Estonian Champion Dogiwogin FT Jaquealah was BOB,... more
23.09.2012 - Imported lovely brindle Great Dane Puppy from USA, thank you Phyllis & Bill! Our lady goes by name LYONHEARTS... more
Baltic Winners & BIS
19.08.2012 - BIS Veteran in Baltic Winner Show in Estonia! And not only that, Multi CH Dogiwogin Don Quichotte has shown within... more
19.08.2012 - New Champion in fawn Great Danes! Congatulation to fawn male FI Ch DOGIWOGIN EMIL KATTHÖRNA! Also big congratulation... more
Export to Sweden
19.07.2012 - C.I.B FI & LV & EE Ch Dogiwogin Nokturno, red German Pinscher male exported to Sweden. Have fun with him, Sussie... more
GROUP2 in Tallinn
07.07.2012 - Multi CH Dogiwogin Don Quichotte has been having fun in shows, he went BOB & Best IN Show 4 Veteran in Rantasalmi... more
Geat Dane Club 40-year jubilee
30.06.2012 - Finnish Great Dane Cluh had it`s 40-year jubilee today at Rantasalmi. There was Specialty Show with 141 Danes entered... more
16.06.2012 - Helsinki International Dog Show gave us BOB in German PInschers and CH Dogiwogin Nokturno can now call himself... more
10.06.2012 - BOB to German Pinscher Ch Dogiwogin Nokturno in Kangasniemi all-breed show. CAC went to young black & tan boy Dogiwogin... more
Veteran CH
11.05.2012 - Multi CH Dogiwogin Don Quichotte "Kiho" took Latvian Veteran Champion & Veteran Winner title last weekend 20.3.2012.... more
Tallinn Winner Show 2012
23.04.2012 - Black Dane CH Dogiwogin FT Jaquealah was BOS & CACIB & Tallinn Winner-12- and now also C.I.B (wc)! Her owner Sanna... more
Lappeenranta Eastern show
08.04.2012 - BOB & BOS in German Pinschers! Lappeenranta National Eastern show is a nice one near easter border. 11 GP`s entered... more
07.04.2012 - Not only beauty but brains too. Obedience results, Dogiwogin Hermes took first prize in Obedience Novice class... more
04.03.2012 - Finnish Hound female Rauhasalmen Adin did a great job in Eno dog show - she was BOB and GROUP2! WOW! Well done... more
03.12.2011 - Fawn Great Dane male Dogiwogin Dollari is now CH! He won his last ticket in Helsinki Winner Show. Thank You judge... more
Working CH
16.11.2011 - Finnish Hound Rauhasalmen Reija is now WORKING CHAMPION (hare hunting). Also our grey norwegian elkhound male Rauhasalmen... more
06.11.2011 - EE & LV JUN CH EstW11 Rauhasalmen Don K-man, red German Pinscher boy! he finished his Ch- titles in tartto Interantional... more
17.09.2011 - Imported Finland: Funny for DW Harmony Star - my black & tan Pinscher babygirl from CZ.! She is just great and... more
10.09.2011 - BOB & new FI & Swe Champion is Lilla Eneby`s Harry, my black & tan pinscher male!
new Estonian CH
09.09.2011 - New Estonian Champion, black Great Dane FI CH Dogiwogin Jaquealah!
BOB & BOS and new CHs
21.08.2011 - BOB & BOS and new CHs! On saturday fawn Great Dane male Dogiwogin Dollari took CAC, German PInscher Lilla Eneby`s... more
BOS to C.I.B Ch Dogiwogin Glamour
17.07.2011 - C.I:B Ch Dogiwogin Glamour took BOS in Oulu International show on sunday. She is not shown often but still knows... more
CACIB from Norway
09.07.2011 - Cacib from Norway! CH DW Ft Jaquealah took CACIB from Norway! This black Great Dane girl is going strong! She took... more
BIS puppy blue GREAT DANE
03.07.2011 - BIS puppy in Great Dane Specialty - blue girl DOGIWOGIN GEISHA, 7 months! Judge was breed specialist Mrs Sally... more
BOB to Dogiwogin Nokturno
02.07.2011 - GP Ch Dogiwogin Nokturno took BOB again! This time in Juva all-breed show. He was picked up in group finals but... more
more results
27.06.2011 - BOB and GROUP2 to my Finnish Hound Rauhasalmen Ratto! He also finished his International Champion title and Latvian... more
more results
27.06.2011 - BOB and GROUP2 to my Finnish Hound Rauhasalmen Ratto! He also finished his International Champion title and Latvian... more
26.06.2011 - Expecting exciting black puppies due August! Sire AM CH Adel Jagat v Temerity. Dam: FI CH Dogiwogin Kismet.
05.06.2011 - First weekend of june was really nice! Estonian Winner Show was held in Tallinn and we took ferry boat with couple... more
Champions, studs
11.05.2011 - STUD GP-males added to dogs, going on this year section. Latest BOB & Champions are: German PInscher male FI CH... more
06.05.2011 - FI CH & WCH Mannikarin Kusti sired really nice Finnish Hound puppies with my Rauhasalmen Reija. Girl puppy is available... more
LVW-2011 and BOBs
29.03.2011 - BOB and CAC to my red young German Pinscher male Dogiwogin Nokturno! At the same show, black Great Dane Dogiwogin... more
BOS to black Great Dane, Puma to USA
11.03.2011 - BOS to Zsa ja PUMA to USA - last weekend black Great Dane Fi Ch Dogiwogin Ft Jaquealah took BOS under judge Jukka... more
Health results
10.03.2011 - Many new health results, I had my German Pinschers eye tested again, all of them passed this time, so AM CH Adel... more
08.01.2011 - BOB in Great Danes and BOS in German Pinschers. As always, Dogiwogin dogs start strongly from Kajaani International... more
Helsinki Winner 2010 & FI CH
02.01.2011 - Time to up-date: we made history in Helsinki Winner Show in December : there is now first BLACK Finnish Champion... more
Finnish Hound junior female
01.01.2011 - Finnish Hound junior female ready for new home. Out of champion & hunting champion lines. Excellent with hare &... more
imports -exports
11.11.2010 - Lovely AM CH Adel Jagat V Temerity arrived from USA - I have been plessed to have two lovely , QUALITY b&t imports... more
BOB & Group3
07.08.2010 - Ristiina all-breed show31.7. my red GP boy DOGIWOGIN NORTON made history...BOB & GROUP 3 aged 16-months!!!!! This... more
3rd AM CH to Miina, BOB to DW Emil Katthörna
20.07.2010 - 3rd AM CH to Miina - fawn Great Dane Dogiwogin A Lyonheart has produced her 3rd AM CH ... Congratulations to Lyonhearts... more
BOB to Nokturno, Nasla new CH
22.05.2010 - BOB & Cacib & CAC to Pinscher Dogiwogin Nokturno and BOS, CACIB, CAC and new FI CH Dogiwogin Nasla!
BIS4 & 2 x BOB & 2 x BOS
16.05.2010 - What a great couple of days! We had dog show nearby on Ascension Day 13.4 - so we took more of dogs there than... more
Black Great Dane BOB
02.05.2010 - BOB to black Great Dane Dogiwogin Ft. Jaquealah in Somer dog show. She also took CAC. She is so young and pretty!!... more
2 x BOB in Vaasa International show
18.04.2010 - 2 x Best of Breed in Vaasa International Show! My Finnish Hound FI CH Rauhasalmen Ratto was BOB & CACIB and German... more
New CH
04.04.2010 - New CHAMPION - German Pinscher RUS CH RKF CH RKF W Dogiwogin Dragonfly is now also FINNISH CHAMPION. Congratulations... more
Latvian Winner 2010 BOB
27.03.2010 - BOB & Latvian Winner 2010 German Pinscher Multi Ch Multi Winner Dogiwogin Don Quichotte. Congrats !
Tuusniemi dogshow
21.02.2010 - BOS & CAC to Dogiwogin Norton, red GP boy aged 10 months! BOB was CH Dogiwogin Elohiiri and CAC was taken by black... more
Tallinn, Estonia International dogshow
12.02.2010 - International dogshow in Tallinn, Estonia - BOB Multi Ch Multi W Dogiwogin Don Quichotte "Kiho" , BOS Int (finished... more
Best of Opposite sex
17.01.2010 - BOS & CAC to German Pinscher Dogiwogin Nasla! She is only 10 months old, so it was a great achievement!
HAPPY 2010!
06.01.2010 - Somebody stole my laptop on December - so ì´m sorry if I haven`t answered my emails!!! Only one home raported... more
Lithuania International Shows
19.12.2009 - German Pinscher DOGIWOGIN KNIGHT took CAC & CACIB both days in Vilnius, Lithuania International Shows ! Congratulations... more
Winner Show in Helsinki
12.12.2009 - Finnish Hound Ch Rauhasalmen Ratto took RESERVE CACIB in Winner Show! Fawn Great Dane Dogiwogin Dexter and black... more
Dortmund, Germany
16.10.2009 - BOB & CAC in Dortmund, Germany - Ch Dogiwogin Harmonia, this is her 4th CAC from Germany. Good girl!
BOB, BOS, 2 x CAC, new CH
09.08.2009 - German Pinscher Dogiwogin Hermes was BOB & finished his FI CH title today. Black Great Dane Dogiwogin Ft. Jaquelah... more
BOB to DW Elohiiri
01.08.2009 - BOB in Iisalmi International Show was FI & N Ch Dogiwogin Elohiiri. This was her 7th CACIB. Good girl! BOB Veteran... more
new NORD & NO CH C.I.B
28.06.2009 - in Norway German Pinscher Dogiwogin Glamour finished some new titles; now she is C.I.B (wc) NORD & NO & FI & SE... more
Black Great Dane
17.05.2009 - Black Great Dane puppy Dogiwogin Ft Ja`Shay had his first puppy class today - he was BOS-puppy! Well done. Judge... more
21.03.2009 - BOB & BOS in Latvian WInner show , also new LV Champions and also new International CH! BOB was Multi CH Multi... more
BOS in Estonia, Tallin
13.02.2009 - BOS and also new Estonian Champion is Pinscher Fin Ch Dogiwogin Harmonia! Now she is retiring for a while beacuse... more
20.01.2009 - BOB & Cacib to GP CH. Dogiwogin Harmonia from Kajaani International show 11.1! This red female is now getting matured... more
STATISTICS and new Int Ch
12.01.2009 - Statistics for year 2008, our DOGIWOGIN dogs, bred or owned by us, have been winning year 2008 at least: 36 CACIB, 9... more
BOB-junior in fawn Great Danes
23.11.2008 - Dogiwogin Chili took BOB-junior in Jyväskylä International Show. Good girl. Also DW Dexter was placed 4th on... more
Latvia, Riga International show
15.11.2008 - Latvia Int. Show and new CHs! Our red German Pinscher boy living in Lithuania with her owner Egle Tamulione, took... more
BOB & BOS in Pinschers
26.10.2008 - BOB & BOS to our GP`s Multi Ch Dogiwogin Don Quichotte & Ch Dogiwogin Glamour at Seinäjoki International Show.... more
18.10.2008 - Ch Dogiwogin Harmonia took VDH CAC klub CAC and VACA from Bundessiegershow, Germany. She also took CAC next day... more
04.10.2008 - European Winner Show in Budapest, Hungary was really "our" show. BOB & EuW was Multi Ch DOGIWOGIN DON QUICHOTTE!... more
RIC NOTANGA arrived Finland
30.08.2008 - RIC NOTANGA is a strong BRINDLE puppy boy we got from Lithuania. Thank you to kennel Notanga - it was so nice to... more
16.08.2008 - Today our pinscher boy Camaro Camus DW Harmony Star finished his Finnish Champion title - aged 2 years and 2 days!... more
Tornio International
10.08.2008 - BOB in Tornio International show was GP Ch Dogiwogin Fire.
09.08.2008 - BOB & GROUP2 to Multi Ch Dogiwogin Don Quichotte at Ristiina show! This year our GP`s have got 3 group placements... more
over 11 000 dogs entered
08.08.2008 - Over 11 000 dogs were entered to 3-days International Show in Kuopio! Can you imagine!!! Also 26 German Pinschers... more
Group3 in Oulu International
12.07.2008 - Group3 to black & tan female Pinscher! History made again! Ch Dogiwogin Glamour was BOB & Group3 in Oulu international... more
05.07.2008 - BIS4 was German Pinscher Multi Ch Dogiwogin Don Quichotte! In Mikkeli all-breed show had 2100 entries and Mr Big... more
03.07.2008 - World Winner Show was held at Stockholm, Sweden. German Pinscher Rubens took WWV-08 (World Winner Veteran) and... more
Arrived from Europe
30.06.2008 - 3-weeks showcircuit in Europe - our German Pinschers "Frippe" and "Hertta" are back home! Thank You Anitta from... more
22.06.2008 - Our BLACK GREAT DANE BITCH Castalia won BOB and finished her International Championship a month ago! This high... more
Pinscher Specialty
08.06.2008 - Multi Ch Aron Arming Harmony Star keeps his Specialty tradition going strong - this year he was best Champion male... more
25.05.2008 - This weekend gave BOB & CAC to GP Dogiwogin Hermes and BOB to Multi Ch DW Don Quichotte. Also puppies did well... more
DW Pinschers winn again
17.05.2008 - BOB Ch Dogiwogin Elohiiri, BOB-puppy Dogiwogin Kaneli, CAC and NEW FIN CH Dogiwogin Heartbeat!!! Joensuu all-breed... more
BOB-veteran Great Dane Ch Dogiwogin Laodicea
10.05.2008 - Fin & Est Ch EstV Ch Dogiwogin Laodicea has made us breeders proud this year. She has been BOB-veteran and also... more
BOB GP Speciality in CZ
03.05.2008 - BOB & CLUB WINNER in German Pinscher Speciality Show in Checz Rebuplic - CZ JCH & CH DOGIWOGIN GRONN HARMONY !... more
New photos
23.04.2008 - New photos on Dane sites: DW A Fawn Sister going BIS3 and on German Pinscher: DW Donna Pärla new headstudy, DW... more
BOB & BOS to Dogiwogin Pinschers
23.03.2008 - Lpr International Show and BOB Ch. Dogiwogin Elohiiri, BOS Ch. Dogiwogin Don Quichotte and CC-winner Dogiwogin... more
Speciality BOB
22.03.2008 - Congratulations to new CZ CHAMPION Dogiwogin Gronn Harmony! We are very proud of his last win to finish his Champion... more
CRUFTS Working 8.3.2008
20.03.2008 - CRUFTS news! We got informed that CRUFTS 2008 Great Dane male-CC winner was Ch Lomondane Gies A Break - who is... more
new International CH!
16.03.2008 - Vilnius Cup Winner Show in Lithuania - BOB German Pinscher Multi Ch Dogiwogin Don Quichotte and BOS, CAC, CACIB... more
Lithuanian Winner Show
15.03.2008 - BOB & Lithuanian Winner 2008 is German Pinscher Multi Ch DOGIWOGIN DON QUICHOTTE!
BOB & new FIN CH
23.02.2008 - German Pinscher JW-06 Dogiwogin Glamour was BOB and finished her Finnish Championship today.
14.02.2008 - We have exported fawn Great Dane female puppy to Sweden - DOGIWOGIN ELSA DE VIE. We are also proud to announce... more
International Show in Estonia
08.02.2008 - Tallin International dogshow was extremely NICE! At least the results - BOB & BOS in German Pinschers Ch. Ceriinan... more
2008 first International show
08.01.2008 - BOB & BOS in Pinschers and Great Danes! In German PInschers we took it all, BOB & CACIB Ch. Dogiwogin Fire, BOS... more
Frippe JW-2007
08.12.2007 - Pinscher "Frippe" aka Camaro Camus DW Harmony Star is now JUNIOR WINNER 2007! He took CAC in Helsinki Winner Show!... more
BOS in Jyväskylä International
18.11.2007 - BOS & CACIB - German PInscher Fin & N Ch Dogiwogin Elohiiri in Jyväskylä International Show. Also Camaro Camus... more
21.10.2007 - BOB in Norway, Tromsa International Show German Pinscher DOGIWOGIN FIRE and BOS Dogiwogin Elohiiri. Both finished... more
Hertzlich willkommen
20.10.2007 - Welcome to Finland! Our latest import is from Germany - DARK ANGEL`S FINLEY FIGHTIN DRAGON aka Finn. He is very... more
CAC to Camaro
05.10.2007 - German Pinscher male Camaro Camus DW Harmony Star has gained his first CAC aged 1 year !
new champions
02.09.2007 - Great Dane Dogiwogin Laodicea is now Fin & Est Ch - aged 8 years. Also NEW German Pinscher Champion - DOGIWOGIN... more
New star rising
10.07.2007 - The fact is that new red German Pinscher star is now rising to Finnish show sky - Fin Ch Dogiwogin Fire ! This... more
GROUP winner
08.07.2007 - Pinscher winns GROUP at International show! Ch Dogiwogin Don Quichotte aka "Kiho" is a real show stopper! That... more
Estonian Winner 2007
02.06.2007 - Pinscher Multi Ch Dogiwogin Bonk is also Estonian Winner 2007. Congratulations to Estland for Reena & Bonk! Bonk... more
20.05.2007 - We got 10 new CHAMPION titles during april-may ! That is just GREAT ! Ch. WYSIWYG Katie Dogiwogi was BOB & GROUP2... more
BOB to GP Kiho
17.05.2007 - Today German Pinscher Multi Ch Dogiwogin Don Quichotte took BOB-again ! Our Ceriinan Indica was BOS & CAC and she... more
13.05.2007 - Our junior females german pinscher Dogiwogin Harmonia and Dogiwogin Glamour took CAC`s ! Harmonia was BOS & CAC... more
BOB to Katie again
05.05.2007 - Black Dane female Ch WYSIWYG`S Katie Dogiwogi takes her third BOB this year - on her third show. On Leppävirta... more
Juno takes CAC
29.04.2007 - Our Juno, fawn swedish import Great Dane was shown third time in junior class - she won it and placed herself second... more
BIG Winns to DW
22.04.2007 - Finnish Great Dane Club organized annual Open Show - and Open classes were won by littermates Dogiwogin A Fainomenon... more
Katie BOB
21.04.2007 - BOB & Fin Champion today ! Katie aka black USA-import Great Dane WYSIWYG Katie Dogiwogi was shown second time... more
Vaasa International with BOB & new CH
15.04.2007 - BOB to German Pinscher int. Ch Dogiwogin Don Quichotte and CAC & res.CACIB to Dogiwogin Fire ! Well done boyz!... more
news from Russia
18.01.2007 - We have got nice news from Russia, our German Pinscher Yatzy`s son Ceriinan Hubert DW has done some really nice... more
Nice start
07.01.2007 - Nice start for 2007, we had Kajaani International show in Finland and pinscher Aron`s kids took everything! BOB... more
Winner 2006 in Helsinki
10.12.2006 - Winner 2006 International dogshow in Helsinki and 46 German Pinscher entered. ReserveWinner in males was Champion... more
GP "Kiho" BOS in Jkl International
18.11.2006 - GP "Kiho" aka Ch. DW Don Quichotte was BOS in Jyväskylä international dogshow. Well done ! Also Great Dane DW... more
World Dog Show at Poznan, Poland
11.11.2006 - We did it ! We drove all the way to World Dog Show 2006 - 3500 km !!! Big thank you to Ms Marjo Alander who was... more
BOB Latvia & Lithuania, import GP from Cz
15.10.2006 - GP Ch. Dogiwogin Don Quichotte was BOB in Latvia on saturday and in Lithuania on sunday - so now he can add LV... more
Oulu international dogshow
08.10.2006 - BOB in Oulu International dogshow was GP Dogiwogin Fire ! This junior male is something special ! He won over Champions... more
St. Petersburg, Russia
08.10.2006 - GP Dogiwogin Dragonfly was BOB & CAC in St. Petersburg dogshow, Russia !
BOB in GP Specialty
07.10.2006 - BOB in Schnauzer-Pinscher Specialty ! Entries were 34 GP`s. Our "Tillipulla" aka 19 month old b&t d female Ceriinan... more
BIS brace
17.09.2006 - BIS-brace in Helsinki show was German Pinschers Rubens & Kiho - father & son ! Rubens was also BIS4- veteran at... more
BIS5 and BIS2 to pinscher Taco
10.09.2006 - BIS5 & BIS2 results from matchshow are not bad at all !! Red Pinscher boy Taco (DW Fire) is young so he needs a... more
BOB in Vyborg
26.08.2006 - BOB & CAC in Vyborg, Russia show was German Pinscher Dogiwogin Dragonfly ! At the same day her fullbrother Dick... more
Group 3 to Aron
19.08.2006 - Aron took BOB & GROUP3 in all-breed show in Kouvola and at the same day in Estonian Winner Show, Kiho was BOB ,... more
Indica took BOB in Mäntyharju
13.08.2006 - Our GP Ceriinan Indica took her first BOB & CAC from junior classes in Mäntyharju-dogshow.
Pinscher "Kiho" 3 x BOB in Denmark
30.07.2006 - German Pinscher "Kiho" did hat-ttrick in Denmark, he attented in three international shows and took 3 x BOB & cacib... more
SUPER day in shows
22.07.2006 - SUPER results in one day ! At the same day in Finland, we had 3 x BOB German Pinschers in three different shows... more
NEW Champions & group2
08.07.2006 - Latest FINNISH champions are: Great Dane Dogiwogin Prince aka "Max", fawn male, 2 years. German Pinscher Dogiwogin... more
European Winner Show in Helsinki
11.06.2006 - European WInner Show was held in Helsinki fair center - and we got EUROPEAN WINNER, TWO EUROPEAN VETERAN WINNER... more
New CH
27.05.2006 - Our latest Finnish Champion is black Dane Bonel S`Aidee Dogiwogi. She finished her title in Riihimäki show placing... more
8 CAC`s in one weekend
21.05.2006 - We won 8 CAC and two new champions during one weekend ! In Vyborg, Russia German Pinscher DW Dragonfly was BOS... more
Lappeenranta Int. Show
16.04.2006 - Lappeenranta International Show gave fawn Dogiwogin Sunnysize his first CAC under Australian judge David Stratchan.... more
St. Petersburg Shows BISS
15.04.2006 - Auli & Mari did a trip to St. Petersburg with own car - lot of paperwork & things to remember ! There was International... more
BOB again for Kiho
08.04.2006 - Dogiwogin Don Quichotte aka Kiho was BOB under Specialist judge Hilkka Salohalla. This was his first time in Champion... more
New Fin CH !
19.03.2006 - Pinscher JW-04, W-05 Dogiwogin Don Quichotte aka "Kiho" took his 14th CAC and is now FIN CH as turned 2-years... more
BOS & CAC to Dogiwogin Elohiiri
05.03.2006 - Pinscher Dogiwogin Elohiiri won junior class in Juuka dogshow and took BOS & CAC. At the same show our Veteran... more
Group3 to Great Dane "Sulo"
11.02.2006 - Fin & Est & LV Ch EstW-04 Dogiwogin Sundane was BOB & GROUP-3 under judges Stelios Makaritis, GR (breed) and Carlos... more
Pinscher of the Year competition
06.02.2006 - Pinscher of the year 2005 has released the results ! We are extremely proud to congrat our breeding JW04 W05 Dogiwogin... more
Import to Finland
31.01.2006 - We just arrived from Gothenburg, Sweden and are settling down here at home...thank you Yvonne & Ingvar, this young... more
Export to Greece
24.01.2006 - I think our Great Dane puppy Dogiwogin Brilliance was very pleased to get to Greece with Vassilis - as here in... more
15.01.2006 - Now something extra special - as well known, we basically breed only fawns with few exceptions - this time the... more
BOB and 15th CAC for Kiho
15.01.2006 - German Pinscher Dogiwogin Don Quichotte took his 15th CAC and BOB from Lahti Show. Judge was Elina Haapaniemi and... more
FAWN puppies born 3.12
12.12.2005 - All the puppies are already spoken for but enjoy some photos in dogs&images/images. Sire is BIS-winner, Int &... more
2 x BOS, CAC, CACIB & BOB-veteran
20.11.2005 - Jyväskylä International show had many GP`s and Best Male was DW Don Quichotte aka Mr. Big, he got his 13 CAC... more
New Champions
23.10.2005 - This weekend was very succesfull, first fawn Great Dane female Dogiwogin Nicola Snowstorm finished her Fin Ch title... more
German Pinscher Specialty
09.10.2005 - GP Specialty (it includes all Pinscher & Schnauzer breeds & variations) was held in Mäntsälä and 44 GP:s was... more
FGDC colour format show & Tampere show
18.09.2005 - Finnish Great Dane Club annual colour format show was held in Tahko and some of our breedings attented there. We... more
Obedience competition
11.09.2005 - In OBEDIENCE competition, winner class, Sanna and her Great Dane Dogiwogin Laodicea took again first prize ! Congratulations... more
Tests & shows
27.08.2005 - Mental tests & beauty shows & obedience competitions ! Great Danes Mandy and Nanna were in Kouvola all-breed show... more
weekend news
20.08.2005 - Bonel Saidee Dogiwogi aka Castalia and her mom Sanna were clever- first time in obedience competition and they... more
Kiho-pinscher BOB in Valkeakoski show
14.08.2005 - Kiho was BOB & CAC under Danish judge Ulf Bråthen in Valkeakoski-show - Tiina handled him well. Also Ricky (Ceriinan... more
Nikko again BOB & GROUP2
13.08.2005 - Lyonhearts ST Nicholas was again BOB & Group2 in Kajaani-show !
Pori International show
30.07.2005 - We were at home and had so nice phonecalls from pori-show. Pinscher Kiho was BOS with CAC, CACIB - excellent !... more
GROUP2 for NIkko
24.07.2005 - Nikko aka CH. Lyonhearts ST. Nicholas was BOB & GROUP2 in Kuopio allbreed show ! Thank You for groupjudge Bo Skalin... more
Ypäjä allbreed show and some rain
17.07.2005 - Pinscher Aron was BOB, BOS & CAC was Dogiwogin Dear Diva, resCAC was Dogiwogin Celleri. WOW !
Nivala International show
16.07.2005 - And Pinscher Dogiwogin Businessman BOB & Cacib. Nikko placed in specials 3rd.
GROUP3 for Aron
09.07.2005 - Pinscher Aron Arming Harmony Star was BOB & GROUP3 in Ristiina all-breed show ! He also finished his Fin CH title... more
Dogiwogin Don Quichotte BOB in Hyvinkää all breed show
03.07.2005 - Red junior male pinscher "Kiho" was BOB on sunday in Hyvinkää, Finland. He also got Estonian CAC & res.CACIB... more
Pinscher DW Dick Tracy BOB
19.06.2005 - Pinscher Dogiwogin Dick Tracy was in all-breed show in Saarijärvi and was ranked BOB & CAC ! Way to go Dicky !... more
Aron BOB, Oona BOS in Suonenjoki dog show
16.06.2005 - Our old lady Lulu was on the road taking BOB-veteran again ! Black Dane Katie won her class with Excellent and... more
10,5 year old Dane in the Veteran ring
29.05.2005 - Our fawn Lulu ( Ch. Dogiwogin Gavia Arctica) was in Leppävirta dogshow and this old lady took Best Veteran in... more
Valmiera Int., Latvia
22.05.2005 - International dogshow in Latvia and pinscher Aron took BOB , CACIB, CAC. BOS was Dogiwogin Donna Pärla aka Macy... more
8 CAC`s in one weekend to DW-dogs
21.05.2005 - We won 8 CAC and two new champions during one weekend ! In Vyborg, Russia German Pinscher DW Dragonfly was BOS... more
Sulo BOB in Virrat
15.05.2005 - Fawn Great Dane male Dogiwogin Sundane aka Sulo ( "cute") was BOB in Virrat dogshow. Judge was Katrin Lahi from... more
Pinscher Aron BOB in Jyväskylä
15.05.2005 - Aron Arming Harmony Star won BOB in Jyväskylä show under judge Niksa Lemo. Best junior female was DW Donna Pärla.
Estonia Winnershow, FCI-International show
14.05.2005 - What a great day in Tallinn ! Estonia national Winnershow was also an International show, so our handsome blue... more
Oulu mothers day national show
08.05.2005 - Blue Dane Bono again BOB. Fawn female Dane puppy Dogiwogin A Fawn Sister aka "Sisko" was last time in the puppy... more
Pinscher Kiho (Mr Big) BOB in Lahti International Show
25.04.2005 - Junior male Pinscher Dogiwogin Don Quichotte aka Kiho (Mr. Big) was Best On Breed in Lahti International Dogshow... more
Stockholm show and Nikko back in Finland
26.03.2005 - Now Nikko aka Lyonhearts St Nicholas is back in Finland ! He was Best male 5 in Stockholm Int. show, blue Bono... more
Lithuanian Winner show 2005 & DW Dick Tracy
05.03.2005 - In Vilna, Lithuania was held two International dog shows 5.-6.3 and of course we drove there ! Blue Dane Bono got... more
Great Dane puppies born in Sweden out of Ch. Lyonhearts St. Nicholas
21.02.2005 - 10 pretty Great Dane babies were born in Kennel Grand Electras in Sweden. Diza-mom is feeling fine. take a look... more
Black & tan PINSCHER puppies
13.02.2005 - We got 8 puppies out of Int Ch Ceriinan Yatzy DW and Fin Ch Lilla Enebys Victory for Ceriinan. Sorry, all puppies... more
BONK now International Champion
12.02.2005 - Pinscher Bonk was BOB and finished his International Championship title (wait. conf.) in Tallinn, Estonia international... more
BOB and BOS Pinscher
06.02.2005 - Aron Arming Harmony Star was BOB and Ceriinan Oona was BOS & BOB-veteran in Tuusniemi dogshow today. Judge was... more
TOP SIRE in the UK
25.12.2004 - Fawn Great Dane male World JW02 Amsterdam JW-02 Dogiwogin S´On Ludvig XIV Yacanto is the TOP STUD in the UK according... more
Junior winner 2004 and other results
09.12.2004 - DW Don Quichotte was JUNIOR WINNER in the winner show 2004. In great danes DW A Blue Brother was third best male... more
Puppy exported to USA
19.10.2004 - Fawn Great Dane puppy Dogiwogin A Lyon Heart was exported to Virginia, USA. Good luck with her, new owners Phyllis... more
health records
00.00.0000 - Import girlies Great Dane LYONHEARTS PRETTY WOMAN V DOGIWOGIN and German Pinscher FUNNY FOR DW HARMONY STAR have... more
Strange year 2020 covid-19
00.00.0000 - As we all know, this has been strange year because of corona. All judging appointments, shows and trials were cancelled... more